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The Aula Luz Illuminations Company is a Non-Profit Organization

(based in Calgary, Canada) CORP# 5119392230

that creates and maintains a gallery of artistic resources and spaces to encourage conversations around

health + wellness + light + cities + ecologies

and their interconnections. 


The Aula Luz ("hall of light") makes temporary installations and art pieces accessible to different Places and Patrons.


  The Hundred Thousand Butterflies Project is its year round "art" engagement that aims to understand and bring light to issues around Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)


We welcome Artists, Partners, hosts, and collaborators!

Our Campaigns

Light Therapy for SAD
"Light Books" for the Calgary Public Library

Butterfly Swim School

for Mental , Liver, and Spinal Cord  health

Crafts and Apparel

"No added

Sugar" +


for Better Nutrition

Light Gallery

for The Arts and the City

and more...


We'd love to hear from you

Gallery Coming Soon...

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