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 E  C O  + S.  a.  n.  c.  t.

Restroom.  ECO San.  SANCTUARY.



The Eco+Sanct is an invitation to re-experience sanitation.  

Sanitation practices are not just fundamental to public health and development.

They also provide opportunities to be conscious and conscientious of our human bodies + our humanities, and our roles in a bigger ecology. 

The public restroom becomes a place of refuge.


Rooted in the Philosophy of Ecological Sanitation, our social enterprise hopes to create and explore spaces, senses, and economies around human-waste cycling and human metabolisms i.e. biogas production, human excreta banking, purifying rituals, community gardening, water meditation and so on ... 

We wish to conserve and explore a diversity of bathing, cleansing, and healing traditions from around the world in creating community appropriate

sanitation destination.  

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