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The Way we Transit

matters because being in transit is not being nowhere...

The Trunkshow YYC is a placemaking initiative that aims to re-imagine the way we transit and the way we experience transit spaces.

Merely, it exposes and manifests the connections and stories in our daily commutes, in our lives, in our communities, and in our journeys towards a healthy, diverse, and sustainable city. 


Public transit spaces are not only infrastructures, but platforms, market-places, and performance stages. Transit spaces are places of meaning and places of communities.

Join us as we bring together local innovators, creators, talents, and characters at the Westbrook LRT.  And let's get closer, YYC!

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be part of the Show?

Upcoming Event:

(hang in there)

Westbrook LRT


T: +1 403 992 8495


TRUNKSHOW  YYC - Pilot Event

Re-imagining  transit...

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 @ Westbrook LRT (Blue line) 

19-20 APRIL 2018  07:30 - 18:00


Art + Science of Place weaving + blooming 

Plan + Design + Build + Organize

Hard * Soft Sustainable Infrastructures 


Get in touch with us if you wish to talk or if you need help :)

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