"You're entirely bonkers.  but i will tell you a secret. all the best people are!" --- Alice


The Wobbit Hole is a collection of "landscapes", "waterscapes" and enterprises

founded and envisioned by

Trina Go Listanco. 

As a Geographer who has specialized in Water Resources Engineering,

she actively integrates critical theories and pragmatism

in her practice and promotion

of arts, wellness, and 'sustainable' design.    

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The Wobbit Hole is a playful word and a playful world.  It reminds us of the child in each of us, and of our capacities to imagine and re-imagine a kinder, and more generous world.  The ‘rabbit hole’ is sometimes associated with ‘delusion’ and ‘escape’.  On the contrary, I find “rabbit holes” to be symbolic of opportune and expansive spaces where we can question, reflect on, and resolve conflicts that are rooted in ideas of scarcities, zero-sum games, binaries, separateness, mutual exclusivity etc… The Wobbit Hole is a venture towards the direction of optimality, of finding common grounds, connections, and win-win scenarios; of transcending humanities, and of expanding with the rest of the Universe/s …

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