The Geo-Geo

(your friendly geographic Geornal)



The weather is finally warming up. Flower and vegetable seeds have been sowed at our gardens.  And I have finally sorted out (still with some regrets) my long resistance to possessing a “Class 5” driver’s license (public transit advocacy).  Thus, I drove (with slight annoyance but otherwise confidently) into the Kananaskis Provincial Park where we will attempt an eleven (11) km of “moderate trail” to Nihahi Ridge.

Parking lots w...

What has always upset me in this world is the obsession on zero-sum games where there can only be one winner and that winner takes it all. It is strictly binary, 1 or 0.  And people seem to replicate and actively seek out this “story” and “narrative” all the time, even in notions of "good and evil".  Do we only have 2 choices in this world really?

This binary frightens me more than all these violence (from all political sides)...

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