The Geo-Geo

(your friendly geographic Geornal)



She greeted us from the front of her Clinic and home in Zitacuaro, the most adorable and charming woman Opthalmologist we have ever met.  (Dra) Silvia Gonzales Anguiano (a cousin of our dear friend, Sergio) embraced us without any questions, except for how our trip has been so far and if we were hungry.   Fresh from sailing around the Pacific coast of Puerto Vallarta, Silvia’s very thoughtful planning helped us greatly transition an...


As I write this reflection, I know already how much this will fail to articulate and capture the precious and sacred moments, and the unprecedented levels of happiness, love, mind-blowing revelations, some struggles, discipline, kindness, gut-churning, visions, energies, friendships, and peace that came as an assault, that came so suddenly, and sometimes came so fleetingly, to me and to my life as I thought I knew it dur...

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