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Terroir [terˈwär] traditionally refers to the bio-geo-chemical processes in the environment that impact tea flavors and other tea characteristics.  Such processes are complex and dynamic.  Terroir influences pigmentation of leaves, amounts of carbohydrates produced, minerals that gets adsorbed from soil among others.  Thus, teas (similarly, wines) have become associated with certain places and their landscapes.

But because...

December 7, 2016

I have pitched a few design ideas to various “juries” and design “Calls” from all over of the world.  I usually end up designing not an object but "systems", "enterprises", or "organizations".  As a geographer, I see objects as sets of relationships, often complex and dynamic, riddled with politics, economic tensions, social construction etc. 

But I have come to realize how problematic Design competitions can be. 

The conund...

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