The Geo-Geo

(your friendly geographic Geornal)



September 21, 2016

I weep. I fold.

The skies weep. Images and news of wars, of blood, of bile thoughts and malice, of life mistreated, of people hungry for justice, of people with empty words… of seeming hopelessness… of poverty in the mind and the soul… and of leaves curling and falling… I fold.

Uttanasana is a standing forward fold posture in Yoga where one will find the head below the heart.  It requires a graceful act of bowing down and meeting ones...

September 1, 2016

In an interview at the model management office, I was asked why I might consider modeling “professionally”.  The answer for me was simple, I want to be part of creative projects and creative processes.  I look forward the most to a “construction project” of visual strategies, scenes, and images, and to be an instrument for other artists.  Of course, what that might mean in actual practice, I am not really sure, but I thought I’m old...

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