The Geo-Geo

(your friendly geographic Geornal)



August 17, 2016

Stillness is a state that is NOT devoid of meaning.  In fact, I found that in stillness, both in the mental and the physical sense, all sorts of memories, thoughts, and visions seem to pour out and come to life.  In a world where we get conditioned to chase dreams, to strive hard, and to be restless, time is always running, and time is running out fast.  But in stillness, time becomes infinite. 

I was positioned across...

August 3, 2016

The human spine is such a wonder to discover, to behold, and to feel.  Along this stack of vertebrae, we find the seven (7) main “energy” vortices or chakras (as in Yoga) which are associated with the biological systems of our human anatomies.

Table Lifted from “Anatomy Comes Alive” Course Material

I find deep sense of empowerment from this thought: each spine in a body has intrinsic (Divine, if you must) “powers, vortices, energies,...

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