The Geo-Geo

(your friendly geographic Geornal)



The road to Krk Island from Budapest ushered us so smoothly through the green valleys, creamy white cliffs, viaducts, and islands, and into the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is an archipelago of thousands of islands produced by the powerful force (among others) of the subduction of the Adria microplate into the massive Eurasian plate. ( The great drama at a geologic scale, and that of...

April 9, 2016

Art provides us with opportunities to re-experience or re-inhabit the places and objects around us.  Art allows us to feel and to connect with objects or landscapes in ways we may have not done before. And in this discovery and new experience, we create new "spaces".  Through art, we can make the "invisible" visible with a new "lens", or with a new symbol, or with a new life experience. Through art, we might be able to redraw what o...

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