Sailing Entrada de Diario (No. 7/7) PV, Mexico

We woke up at 5:10 AM and had something warm to drink. We turned the navigational lights on and we motored across Banderas Bay. I was on night watch. The crescent moon lit the way. We encountered 2 Pangas that were barely lit. With one of them having a faint blue LED light on.

The fisherman seem to have been asleep. We also saw some anchored sailboats without lights on. Dangerous people!

It was a beautiful sight to see the city lights in the dark. We looked for the Marina lights and by 6:10 AM we were at the gates.

The docking went smoothly. Fenders and knots, and spring lines were tidy. Sweet. VG is back intact, and we all have kept our 10 fingers. Time to go back to bed/ berth and catch some sleep before heading back to land.

With the final exam cleared, I learned another important skill in yachtmanship -- a potential career fall back: "Whipping".

To learn more knots:

Besos and abrazos from Team Balogh+Listanco!

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