Sailing Entrada de Diario (No. 6/7) PV, Mexico

We woke up in a strange position from our bow and stern anchors. The currents or the winds must have shifted, and we could not align our boat properly to retrieve any of the anchors.

We decided to release the stern anchor first. We tied the line to a fender to mark it. But just as we were working on the bow anchor, the windlass clutch stopped engaging! Paul got his boat’s Manual and we realized that most of the text were in French (Beneteau, but of course). But fortunately, we found the English text and could tighten and re-engage the clutch by manually turning the plate CLOCKWISE.

Un-anchoring took longer than expected and we could not make it far south to Yelapa where we were planning to moor for lunch. We missed the legendary “Pay” (pies) of a local lady there. So next time…

Thus we decided to spend our last night in La Cruz inside the Banderas Bay.

Just west of La Cruz, we found some intermittent winds blowing from W-NW. We wanted to practice gybing a 40ft boat and the Man-overboard Protocols. It was tough at 20 knots of wind that sometimes die down so suddenly. The waves and the swells did not help either.

Trina managed the gybe at 20 knots. Whew. Endre practiced the “Figure 8” retrieval, and Paul demonstrated heaving to (and made it look very easy) on swells.

As a treat, we sailed towards another secluded beach. And Endre and I jumped into emerald green waters.

On our way to our anchorage in La Cruz, we came across a fleet of Lasers with Canadian flags. These were probably the Canadian Women’s Team training over the winter season. I was quickly reminded of the place where Endre and I must return to soon.

I suppose one of the biggest lessons in sailing is “to be present.” To be in “the now” when winds and things and life are constantly changing and are flowing by. This way we appreciate everything and every moment. True enough, there is something always happening. Before I could even get sentimental, I had to do another knot: a bowline. Right now!


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