Sailing Entrada de Diario (No. 2/7) PV, Mexico

We have planned to sail to Chacala but the southerly winds forecasted to blow hard from 3-9PM (local time) made us seek refuge at Punta Raza. On the way, we saw more whales breaching closer to the shore! I even saw a full body breach once! These mammals are HUGE. Even if I saw them from hundreds of meters away I feel their mass and inertia! I was hoping we could sail closer to the whales, but I remembered that wild animals must be afforded respect and the space they need.

Approaching Punta Raza, we had to pass 2 beautiful coral islands. The passage was deep enough, thankfully.

We heard a motor yacht on the radio seeking help find a safe cove to anchor. We anchored at depth 15.7ft on a low tide, with a motor yacht named “Endearing” nearby. How sweet.

There were 2 cute secluded beaches on shore which was too tempting not to swim to. I assessed my cardiac condition (much adrenaline) and then went to swim about 300m across cool blue green waters.

The wind stirred the sandy shores and the visibility underwater was not great. But the current was not too bad. My motion sickness disappeared as soon as I got into the waters.

I made it to shore. It would be the first time I stood on land after more than 24 hours. I almost kissed the ground.

Beautiful volcanic outcrops and headlands were covered with forests and what seemed like leafy mahogany trees. But the breeze made me cold. I soon discovered a good way to warm up: bury yourself in dry sand.

Soon, Endre woke up from his siesta and came to paddle to me. He paddled rigorously with his long limbs, and took breaks to take photos (of course!) He was sparkling white under the sun, and added more to the glare. That’s my babyboi pumpkinpoi!


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