Sailing Entrada de Diario (No. 5/7) PV, Mexico


We decided to study some more and challenge the exams on this day. The exam was not very long but I tend to overthink things so I did not score 100%, and Endre scored higher (!) I have been practicing my knots though to compensate. Hehe.

But yes, we both made it. Hooray! “Yo no soy Marinero, soy Capitan, Bamba, Bamba”

For lunch, Paul made some burritos. These were best enjoyed on the rail.

We then sailed towards Punta Mita and around the famous Marietas Islands. I wanted to stop by but could not. Too rough. So that will be for next time.

We practiced a few more drills: trimming the jib, reefing, experimenting with the fairleads, adjusting the leech cords, controlled gybing, and anchoring with bow+stern.

We arrived in Punta Mita and anchored. I realized how tiring hoisting up and folding the Main Sail can be. I lost my sailing gloves so my hands were getting worked out a lot. I will remember to bring an extra pair next time!

But the sight of roaring swells on the headlands of Punta Mita and the surfers gliding so fast with the 15ft waves, was refreshing! We were also treated to a sight of an old rustic Ketch sailing into the sunset.


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