Unicorns, Homelessness, Magick, and Light

Magick (vs “magic”) is not about tricks, illusion, and deceit. Magick is a conscious and conscientious process of opening up our imaginations, and of expanding our sense of “self”. It is inherently transcendental, because it encourages us to challenge what we believe, to reconsider the boundaries that we have established or that have been imposed on us, and to question the very idea of the “fate”. Magick is a powerful place and opportunity.

Each time I came in to the Drop In Centre, a homeless shelter and rehabilitation centre in downtown Calgary, I feel excitement as if I’m traveling into a distant fantasy kingdom with all these fascinating creatures. Initially maintaining caution and distance, I thought I would just be an “observer” of this theatrical world. However, the Drop In Centre, is a real landscape of real stories and real people. Soon enough, the experience was beyond entertaining, “This is life.”

And each day I went to visit the DI, I am becoming not just a mere observer, but a witness to others' struggles, suffering, victories, and joy. And our collective stories are NOT disconnected. We may have believed that our realities are different, but that “veil” or that boundary that we have created is also imagined. I was once told, “The only thing that separates me from you, is the idea of you.”

The people who I have avoided to look at on the streets, they live, they are alive, and they each have a unique story to tell. Someone could have had a disastrous divorce, have turned to illicit drugs to cope, and have lost control of finances. Someone could have had abusive parents they wanted to run away from… or a mortgage that could not be afforded any longer. And that someone could be me if I did not have supportive family and friends. That someone could be anyone of us. Easily.

The Halloween and the All Saint’s Day provided an opportunity for me and the not-for-profit organization I founded (Aula Luz Illuminations Co.) to engage a bit more at the Drop In Centre. Of course, I wanted to be a witness to magick and perhaps experience a magickal life for myself!!!

Unicorns are creatures that have been both adored and ridiculed in myths and realities. They are desired and yet we think they do not exist. I suppose this dilemma part of our human condition.

Do we fear what we desire? Is disbelieving in magick and myth our greatest consolation for our self-accepted defeat in the pursuit of transcendence?

I started creating a unicorn horn that similar to a “crown”, one can put on the forehead. Each time I tried on a new horn, something inside gets delighted. Perhaps, there is something transformative about that sparkly horn.

The shape is rather pointy but the swirls of the shaft are not necessarily straight, thus it does not appear intrusive. Indeed, the path to acceptance and to coming to terms with our own vulnerabilities is never pain-free and never straightforward.

And yet, the sparkly mythical horn remains very inviting. Perhaps, because the pinnacle is a pleasant reminder of a magickal possibility: that once the veil of divided realities has been poked and broken, we can finally see eye-to-eye with ourselves and with other people, and we can witness our infinite light and reflections.

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