Tea and the City

So much of the world can be tasted in a cup. A wealth of aromatic molecules, stories, and histories -- all being held in about 200 mL of liquid. In many ways, a cup of tea is a vehicle for us to travel into lands and times far away, or even into divinations and futures...

As one lingers in the experience of many different flavors and memories of each sip, one is also provided time and space to introspect. It is journey outwards and inwards. A cup of tea and the City is where many things come together. And there lies the beauty and wonder of it all, that sense of expansive-ness and inclusive-ness. All at the same time.

While we sought places and “beings” far away, the tea and the city, reminds us that what we desire could be already there in between our hands; and that the world we run after can also come to us if we give it a chance.

Learning about teas and tisanes as a Tea Sommelier in the City of New York is a privilege not just of tasting and narrating the flavors of a micro universe, but also of witnessing that universe unravel.

Tea teaches us to be open and to be generous. Like the leaves that unfurl in hot water ever so gently and so charitably, so as are our lives and the universe...

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